The Autobiography of Adam by William ProctorIn a fast-paced fiction narrative, THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF ADAM merges cutting-edge science with Genesis creation accounts to give fresh answers to age-old questions. The novel opens at an archaeological dig in 21st century Israel – and then shifts to Neolithic Israel and other dimensions of reality. As the narrative unfolds, several main characters emerge:

-The biblical Adam and Eve;
-Enoch, Adam’s great-great-great-great-grandson;
-Late Stone Age (Neolithic) humans, including Cain and Abel; and
-Contemporary Japan-US archaeologists working on a dig in Beitin on Israel’s West Bank at the ancient site of Bethel, where Jacob dreamed of the stairway to heaven.

We quickly learn that the archaeologists have discovered 5000-year-old cuneiform clay tablets purporting to be “memoirs” of the biblical Adam. The archaeological discovery, which promises to reconcile biblical creation with modern science, triggers an international scientific, theological, and political firestorm.

The novel is undergirded by prodigious research in several fields:

-Theoretical astrophysics – including an exploration of possible extra dimensions of reality, beyond our four dimensions of height, width, depth, and time;
-Biblical theology – including a framework for possible reconciliation of old-earth and young-earth chronologies of prehistory;
-Paleontology – including possible biblical explanations of the presence of ancient fossils and artifacts on an ancient earth; and
-Archaeology – including possible links between late Neolithic human culture and prehistoric biblical accounts.

In the past, modern scientism and biblical creationism – two philosophical positions explored in THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF ADAM – have existed on opposite sides of an apparently uncrossable chasm. But what if somehow we can bridge this Great Gap separating faith from scientific fact? THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF ADAM may not only entertain you but also open the door to one of the most exciting inner adventures of your life.

WILLIAM PROCTOR, graduate of Harvard College (magna cum laude in history) and Harvard Law School, has authored, coauthored or ghostwritten more than 90 books, including international bestsellers such as Dr. Kenneth Cooper’s Controlling Cholesterol (20-plus weeks on the New York Times bestseller list). His books, which have sold more than 20 million copies in over 40 languages, include dozens in medicine, nutrition, theology, and mind-body research.

His publications include a study linking the Star of Bethlehem to extra-dimensional phenomena; an exploration of the Resurrection of Christ; and guides to prayer and meditation. Proctor is also coauthor of a series of bestselling books with Professor Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School, discoverer of the “relaxation response” and leading researcher into mind-body relationships and related genetic research.

Ideas in THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF ADAM have been tested during more than a thousand weekly Bible studies led by Proctor in New York City, Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Georgia, and other venues over the past four decades. The studies have been conducted in various congregations: Anglican, Episcopal, United Methodist, Church of God, Salvation Army, and several Baptist denominations.

During his career, Proctor has interviewed such luminaries as Mother Teresa of Calcutta; evangelist Billy Graham; and Cardinal Suenens, Belgian leader of Roman Catholic Charismatics. He has appeared on hundreds of national and local radio, TV, electronic, and print news outlets.

Proctor has written three other novels. One, The Last Star (Thomas Nelson), explores links between traditional theology and extra-dimensional scientific concepts. Publishers Weekly said, “This novel is a captivating page-turner, filled with unexpected plot twists…. [and] well-developed characters with credible motivations.”


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