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Inkslingers Press, a division of Inkslingers, Inc., is a publishing firm based in Vero Beach, Florida, that specializes in e-book publication.

Authors and clients include individuals and organizations with a variety of objectives and backgrounds, such as:

  • Aspiring authors seeking first-time publication
  • Established or previously published authors who have secured a reversion of rights in a book and want to re-publish in e-book format
  • Established or previously published authors who want to pursue first publication of a new work in e-book format
  • Organizations that want to publicize their products or services through a short e-book publication

If a submission demonstrates the potential for types of publication other than those in e-book format, such as hardcover or paperback editions, Inkslingers will take steps to place the submission in the appropriate publishing venue.

Works that are candidates for Inkslingers Press evaluation and publication should be submitted as an e-mail attachment in “.doc” extension format to If a work is deemed appropriate for Inkslingers Press publication, we will forward a publishing contract to the author or organization seeking publication. Inkslingers Press reserves the right to accept or reject any submission based on content, form, or any other criteria.



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